Sunday, August 22, 2010

Playing On The Deck & Shhhhhhhhh

Hi Baby Girl!

Playing On Deck

You have lots of fun playing on the deck.

Here's a picture of you sitting at your picnic table... awwww, you're so cute.

Here's you standing up on your slide. You're bad. Don't be standing on your slide!

Here you are blowing bubbles with me.

Here you are playing in your sandbox.


You're pretty cute. When you see a picture of someone or see someone on TV sleeping. You point and say "seeepinnn" and will put your finger to your lips and say "shhhhh".
Here's a picture of you saying "shhhhhh" as Iggle Piggle goes to sleep on one of you favourite TV shows, In the Night Garden.

I love you cute baby!

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