Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tinkerbell Night Dress

Hi Silly Baby!

You sure do love your Tinkerbell night dress. Mommy and I bought it for you last spring. Last night, I was getting you dressed for bed and you grabbed the purple Tinkerbell night dress from your laundry basket and tried to put it on. You screamed and fussed a bit when I tried to take it from you, since it was in the laundry. Anyway, I put it on you. You do look pretty cute in it.

This morning, I took it off you to get you dressed in clothes for the day, but you grabbed it and fussed and tried to put it back on. I gave in and put it back on you. Later, Mommy compromised with you and put a clean Pooh night dress on you. You were happy enough with it. I guess you'll be wearing your night dress all day unless the babysitter (Nikki) can convince you to change :) Here's an older picture of you in your Pooh night dress. You're looking cute laying on your Dora couch.

You wore your tinkerbell one a couple weeks ago on a warm night. I didn't want to put it on you because it is a pretty warm night dress and it has long sleeves. When I was getting you ready for bed, you pulled it out of your dresser and insisted that I put it on you.

Earlier in the summer, you wore it one night and the next morning you wouldn't let Mommy take it off you, so we sent you to Nikki's with it on. You wore it all day and still had it on when we picked you up.

You're so cute and silly.
I love you big bunches!

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