Thursday, August 12, 2010

Talking Lots

Hiya Cute Baby!!

You are saying lots of words now. You repeat a lot of words, but you also know many words.

Mommy and Daddy

You certainly know our names. I love it how you say our names. When we come into a room and you see us, you say our names with such excitement and a big smile on your face. You say "Daddeeeeeeeee" or "Mommeeeeeee". Its so cute... I just love it. Sometimes when we pick you up at Nikki's, you're standing in the window watching us coming up to the door and we can hear you say "Daddeeeeeee" and "Mommmeeeee".

Nana & Grumpy

You say both of their names a lot. Its cute when we're driving to the cottage. By the time we pull on to the cottage lane, you know where we're going. You start yelling Gungy Gungy Gungy with lots of excitement. You also yell Nanneee Nanneee with excitement. Or you say Gungeeeeee aaarrrryuuuu ... or Nanneeee aaarrryuuuu.
For Nana, you say Nanneeee. Lately when we started correcting you, you would say Neeenaaa.


You say "Nenneeee". Many days on our way home, like today, you're in the car saying "Nenneee ... aaaryuuuuu".


You call Cameron something like "Maamwaaan".


You've said Devon's name several times, but we're still not sure exactly what you were saying. Lately you've been calling him "brother". I don't know how you pronounce it well enough to write it down.


You say "memma" when you see yourself in pictures. You either say that or "babbeeeee". When you see a camera, you reach and say "babbeee, babbeeee" with lots of excitement. You want to look at yourself in the pictures. We have to becareful showing you because you like to play with the buttons and have pressed the buttons to delete a picture a few times.

One evening out on the deck, you pointed up at a passing jet airplane with excitement. I said, that's an airplane. You were on an airplane when we went to Florida. Now, everytime we say "airplane", you look up at the sky trying to see it. You started out by saying "aaapeeen" but now you say "bepeeen". This evening when we were outside, you pointed at a jet in the sky and said "bepeeen".

You love puppies. When you see the puppies at Nikki's, you say with excitement "pupppeeeeeeeees". You sometimes say "Hiiii pupppeeeees" or "Byeee pupppeees" when we're leaving.


You know how to say Nana & Grumpy's new puppy's name. You call her "ayeee". You mostly say "downnn ayeee" or "nooo ayeee". She's a young puppy, so she does lots of jumping and biting. You don't take any crap from her. When she's bothering you or jumping on you, you push her aside, say "nooo ayeee" and keep on walking or go about your business.


You are always saying hi and bye to the kittie (maple). You say "hi kittieee".

Pushing Mommy & Daddy Away From The Computer

You like looking at pictures on the laptop and pushing buttons. We had photos up this evening, and let you play with the laptop under our supervision.. we were right behind you. You are so possessive. We were trying to help you out and you would push our hands out of the way and say "noooo noooo dadddeeeee" or "noooo noooo mommmeeee". Here's a picture of you pushing Mommy away.


You say "uucckk uucckk" a lot. Mostly you get your arms stuck trying to get out of the straps on your car seat.

Honeycombs and Cereal

You love cereal. When you're hungry or in your highchair waiting for us to feed you, we can hear you saying "eeereealll". One morning the box of Honeycombs was out and you were saying "gungommbbs" or something like that. You like Honeycombs. You also like Cherios.


Tonight was a new one. It was near supper time and I realized you were saying "supper". You were actually saying "baabper". It sounded a lot like you saying "bottle" ... "baaabaaaa" as you say it.


You've learned to say "tennnt" after our camping trips this year. You were saying it when we were camping... you loved walking into the tent and walking around inside. Yesterday when mommy was showing you pictures, you seen a picture of the tent, pointed and said "tennnt".


You sure love pop. If we go out to eat and get pop, you are always reaching and saying "pock". You purse your lips for the straw, stick your chin out towards the straw and say "pock".


We had pizza for supper tonight. I asked do you want some pizza and you gave a big nod. Then you started repeating "piz-zaaaa".


You sure love the TV show "In the Night Garden" on the Treehouse channel. It starts out with a little boy or girl laying down to bed with a parent rubbing their hand. You put your finger up to your lips and say "shhhhh". Its actually not quite a "shhhhh" yet... you are mostly just breathing out. You also do it at the end of the show when all the characters go to bed.


When you want to get down out of your highchair, you say "doowwwwn".


You play peekaboo a lot. You cover your eyes with your hands. We say "where's Emma" and you take your hands away and we say "peekaboo" or "there you are". You say something like "eeekaboo".


You really love cheesies. You say "cheesie cheesie".


You love reading your books. You snuggle in on the floor beside me and reach for a book and say "ooook" or "booook".


Lately, you've been raising your hand as if to wave and saying "hottt" when we bring out hot food. We blow on it to cool it off for you.
I love you beautiful baby!

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