Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter / Dancing / Counting Backwards / Frigging Dog

Hi Silly Emma!

You had lots of fun hunting for chocolate Easter eggs at home last weekend.  The Easter Bunny also brought you some candy, chocolate eggs and some chocolate bunnies.  Here’s a cute picture of you crouching down with your candy.


Met Easter Bunny
We went to the annual Cornwall Easter egg hunt last Monday.  We got a bunch of snow on the weekend so the ground was covered.  You had lots of fun finding plastic Easter eggs.   They were also giving out treat bags.  We were one of the last ones there so you went up to them several times and got six treat bags.
Here you are picking up some eggs.


Pretty girl stopping to pose.


Here you are getting one of several hugs from the Easter Bunny.


Eating Snow
We got a lot of snow last weekend.  You helped me shovel the driveway.  Well, you mostly played and ate snow.


Still Dancing – You Were Bad Today At Class
You are still going to your dance class.  You seem to have a lot of fun.  Here you are in one of your pretty dance dresses.


Most classes you listen very well.  You don’t always follow instructions, but for the most part you listen quite well.  Today was different.  Mommy was away, so I had to take you and William both.  I let you take your Dora backpack in, mainly because you packed your dance shoes in it and my hands were full with William and his bag.  It started at the first of class with you wanting to put your backpack on for dance class.  You cried and fought with me and finally went to the dance floor without it.   Soon you came back to fight with me for it again.  We compromised to let you set it on the edge of the dance floor.  At one point you brought it on the dance floor and put it in the middle of a circle you and all the other dancers as you danced.  A bit later you melted down because you wanted to keep the backpack on the edge of the dance floor…. I said it has to be off the dance floor.  I told you that it could either be on the floor off the dance floor or we’d be going home.  You were a real brat.  You were crying and disobeying and a couple times you grabbed the backpack and ran away from me.  I was getting pretty mad.  In the end, you decided to set it on a chair off the dance floor for the rest of class.

So for the rest of class there were no more outbursts or disruptions, but you still weren’t acting as good as you usually do.  You weren’t following instructions very well.  When your teacher asked everyone to do something like line up, you were sometimes laying on the floor, or sitting on the floor by the mirror or just moving really slowly.

Counting Backwards
Today while we were playing you said “lets count backwards daddy”.  You counted backwards from five.  You’re a pretty smart little girl.

Frigging Dog
I was feeding William in his highchair and you were standing at the fridge playing with the papers and magnets.  Jaxon heard something and let out one loud bark.  It startled William and may have startled to you.  After a few seconds I heard you say “frigging dog” …  then paused, said it again, paused, and said it at least one more time.  You silly girl.  I laugh at some of the things you come out with.

I love you baby girl!

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