Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wrote Your Name !!! Smart Girl !!!

Hi Smart Doodle Doo Bopper!

Wrote Your Name!!!

It was a nice day so you spent most of the day outside on the front walkway and on the back deck.

I brought some sidewalk chalk and other toys out to the front walkway for you.  Soon after you went out, you came in saying “I wrote my name”.   I went out to have a look and you did write your name with chalk on the driveway. 

I am totally amazed.  I’ve been amazed enough that you can spell your name and that you recognize the letters in your name.  Still, every time you see an E in a sign or somewhere…. you say “Hey … E starts with my name”… silly smart girl.

Here you are posing with your amazing work.  Your name is spelled backwards, and the M`s and A are a bit hard to read, but you did it… you frigging did it …. you spelled your name.   After I took a couple photos and was heading back into the house, you noticed some cloud formations when looking at me and said “that cloud looks like an M”.  I looked up, and you were right … it did.


Playing In Snow Last Weekend

You had fun playing in the snow last weekend.  You were using a little shovel that William got from the Easter Bunny.  You were scooping up snow and throwing it over your shoulder.   A couple times, the snow went back of your jacket.  I brushed it off your neck while you giggled and squealed.


After playing in the snow, you played on your slide up on the deck.  You were going down head first.


I love you smart baby bopper!

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