Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Bunch of Updates

Hi Sweet Baby Emma,

I have a bunch of updates to catch up on.

We had cake for Cameron's birthday yesterday. As usual, you loved the cake. You have a cute mischievious grin in this picture.

When we play with you in your room, you get into everything. You crawl all over the place and go from one toy to the next. Its so cute to watch you pull yourself up to your toy box, reach in and start pulling toys out. When Mommy left the room, you crawled over to the door and pulled yourself up. You stood up and banged on the door. You tried to reach the doorknob... you can almost reach it.

Snapping Your Fingers

When we snap our fingers around you, you watch intently and you move your fingers and thumb on both hands in a finger snapping motion. Its pretty cute. We're not sure if you learned this from us or at the babysitter's house.

Reading a Book

You really enjoy playing with your books. You ripped some pieces out of your elf book... you little monster. Last night, you sat down and kept on turning pages in your "Things That Go" book. At one point, you were sitting cutely and holding the book like you were reading it. It was so cute. I wish I had a camera to capture that moment.

Climbing on Daddy

As I was saying, you crawl and climb everywhere when we play with you in your bedroom. Last night you were crawling over me (I always lay on the floor with you) to get to the other side of me. One time, you were getting tired, so you just layed on my chest. It reminded me of when you were a tiny baby only weeks old. You often woke up during the night and we tried to get you to get back to sleep. Sometimes I would lay you on my chest wrapped up in a blanket to snuggle you to sleep. You were so tiny and precious then.

Waving At Your Reflection in Patio Door

In the evenings when we put you in your chair for supper, we see you waving at your reflection in the patio door window. You always do your open-hand queen wave where you rotate your hand back and forth, twisting your hand at your wrist. Its pretty cute. You wave and smile. I then do the same wave to you in the reflection. You look back and forth between me and your reflection smiling.

Pointing and Saying Look

I started trying to get you to look at your reflection in the patio door window. I pointed and said look. The first time I did it last week, you also pointed and I think you tried to say look. You kinda said a higher pitched yooook. It was pretty cute.

Half Arm Wave

Last week, you started doing a half arm wave. Instead of your usual rotating-hand wave, you were swinging your arm from your elbow. Of course, it was darn cute.

Laughing in the Car

Last friday when Mommy was in a store, we stayed in the car. You and I shared some big laughs. You giggled a bit, so I repeated your laugh. It made you laugh more and repeat after me. We just kept laughing together. Your laughs are starting to become a bit different. Your laughs are getting more like a child's or adult's when you are laughing hard. Its pretty funny. You mostly do it when we tickle you and bite your neck.

Making a Kissy Face

Last week, you started making a fish-face and making kissy noises. When we did the same thing, you just kept repeating it, sucking your lips in and making squeaky noises :)

Giving Us Nice Noisy Kisses

When we ask for kisses, you still come at us with your mouth open... that is, when you aren't being bad and turning your head away from a kiss. When we ask for a kiss by saying "kisses", we move towards you making an "uuuuuuuuuuuumh" sound, then kiss you with a muah sound. Tonight when we asked for kisses, you came at us over and over with your mouth open, and saying "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" while you moved your lips towards us.

You are an amazing wonderful precious baby. I love you big bunches!


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