Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry 2nd Christmas, Doodle Doo Bopper!

Hi Bopper Boo!

First, I need to tell you who Daddy took you to see last Friday, December 18!  You went to see Santa Claus for the very first time!!  Mommy was at an appointment so Daddy took you all by himself.  You sat on Santa's knee and had your picture taken.  Daddy tells me you were such a good girl baby!  Daddy took lots of pictures, too.  Here's one where you're looking intently at Santa.

It is Boxing Day 2009.  We had such a wonderful Christmas!  Nana and Grumpy and Uncle Billy came to our house on Christmas Eve for Christmas dinner and stayed the night so they could be here to watch all of you open up all your gifts on Christmas morning.

Santa brought everyone so many presents.  We are all so very lucky!  Here you are sitting with Grumpy while he helps you open one of your many presents.

One of your very favourite presents on Christmas morning was from Uncle Billy.  It was a Tigger.  Here you are snuggling with it after you opened it.  You didn't even want to let it go long enough for us to take it out of the package.

You really enjoyed opening presents this year and you were really great at getting the paper off.  You did get a little tired after a while, though, and eventually we put you down for a nap.  Here you are with Grumpy again ripping paper off one of your presents.

Here is Nana holding you while you snuggle with your Tigger.

Do you know what??  You gave me the most special gift!!  You're such a wonderuful little baby!  You and Daddy picked out a beautiful bangle bracelet with two hearts intertwined.  It is so beautiful.  The hearts represent your heart and mine beating as one.  Here is a picture that we cropped.

It was such a special Christmas and you kept everyone very well entertained with all your crazy antics!  Daddy will tell you lots more about our day.  I love you, Crazy Monkey!


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