Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lots More Updates

Hi Wonderful Baby!

Again, I have so many updates for you, and Mommy is also posting some updates.

Holding Sippy Cup By Yourself

On the weekend, you started holding your sippy cup, tipping it up and drinking from it all by your self. Up until now, we would have to hold it up for you. If you ever did hold onto it, you wouldn't tip it up enough. Then this weekend, you grabbed it and started drinking from it. You've been doing it ever since. You're growing up into a big girl so fast.

Saying Look (Eeeuuuk)

Tonight at supper, I was sitting beside the patio door as usual. You were sitting with the door to your right as usual. I did your twisting hand wave and you pointed and said "eeeuuk". You are so smart. I took a couple videos of you saying it a couple days ago.

Climbing Up On Chair & Over To Couch

On the weekend, you climbed up on the wooden chair again. You've done it before. This time, you climbed from there over to Mommy on the couch. She would set you down on the floor and you'd climb up and over again. You did it several times. Ohhh, I hope you don't get hurt doing all this climbing. I took some photos, and I think I took a video too.

Playing With Remote

This is a photo of you doing one of your favorite things .... getting into anything and everything. Here you're standing up at the coffee table as usual with the TV remote in your hand. You love grabbing one of the remotes, or the cordless phones. Sometimes, you pick up the remote and point it at the TV. You're such a smart baby girl. You know what the remote is for. Other times you bite it, or throw it on the floor.

Talking On The Phone

Tonight you were playing with the cordless phone. You put it up to your ear, as you usually do. This time, you said "hiiiii". On the weekend, Cameron was playing with your toy phone in the living room. He was pressing buttons and saying "hi". You picked up my cell phone and put it up to your ear a couple times and said "hiiiii" I think I got a video of it. You learned this back when Mommy was still home with you. When I was at work, and we were talking on the phone, she'd put the phone to your ear and I'd talk to you. You would always get so quiet, sometimes not even making a sound. Just listening intently. You would turn your head toward the phone trying to figure out what was going on. Sometimes you would even kiss the phone. Here is a picture of you with my cell phone to your ear and Cameron in the background saying "hi" on your toy phone.

Crawling On Your Hands & Knees

You finally started crawling on your hands and knees last week. You still mostly crawl on your belly, but you've moved up to your hands and knees a few times. I took a video of it.

Funny Faces & Laughing Together

Tonight, we were playing your bedroom before you went to bed. I started making suprised-looking faces at you and making a gasping noise. You started doing it too. It was kinda like the face you were making when you were out shopping with Mommy and I a couple weeks ago. I laughed at you... and that made you laugh. We just kept doing it back and forth and laughing. You were making the face and noise, then dropping your head down laughing and making cute little giggles. You were so cute. We had fun.

So Interactive

You are getting more and more interactive. You repeat the things that we do. You scream, smile, you laugh. You are so active and make many more sounds and noises. You still scream and yell when we're feeding you as if to say, give me more.. hurry! You are such a happy baby. You are often smiling. You do things (like shaking your head back and forth ... Mommy will tell you about that one) and then you have a satisfied smile when we pay attention or laugh at you. You are quite a show off... you just love the attention. Its cute.

Taking Your Socks Off

You pull your socks off all the time. Well, you don't do it so much since a couple weeks ago when the weather got cold and snowy... good thing. Every time we went to get you out of your car seat, you'd have your socks off. We'd have to pick socks up all over the van. There's probably still a few in there. Its hard to find matching socks after we do your laundry because you take them off everywhere and they don't make it to the laundry. I'll try to get a picture of you pulling your socks off sometime.

You Love Maple The Cat

You sure love the Maple the cat. You squeal and screech with excitement when you see her. You go to her and try to pet her and pull her fur. If I'm nearby I bring you over to her and pet her with your hand. We have to be careful because she can be a cranky cat and she's scratched you a couple times before. She gets cranky when you pull her tail or fur. Don't feel bad, she even snaps and turns cranky and scratches us sometimes when we're petting her.

We sure do love you sweet baby. We are so thankful to have you. You bring so much joy to all of us.

I love you very much!!!

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