Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Temper & Other Cute Things

Hi Cute Little Crazy Monster!

Bad Temper

Mommy was telling you about your temper. Haha. I often only write about the cute adorable things that you do and don't mention your temper. You certainly do have a temper :) I've already told you about the screaming and squealing you do when you are sitting in your high chair waiting for food... and sometimes you even scream in between bites.

You also get really mad when you don't get your own way... when we pick you up when you're on a mission to crawl somewhere ... when we take something that you shouldn't have away from you.. etc. Last night, I had a big box of christmas lights out on the living room floor ... I was putting lights on our tree. You were trying to open the box and the top flaps. You would give it a try... then scream & cry ... and lift your arms over your head together and slam them down on your lap a few times. Such a bad temper :)

Lately too, you started dropping your head and burying your face down between your hands on the floor and cry when you get mad. The thing is, your cry sounds so fake.. and it goes away right away when we give you what you want. Silly little monkey.

I'll try to get some pictures of you showing your bad temper.

Climbing Into Toy Box

Last night when we were playing your bedroom, you crawled over to your toy box and stood up at it as you always do. You pulled out some toys for a while. Then next thing I knew, you had one leg up in the toy box. Silly little girl trying to climb into your toy box. I pulled you out and we played on the floor. You tried to climb into the toy box a few more times later.

Playing With Blocks

You love playing with your rubber blocks. Mommy and I often play games with you. We build towers and you crawl over and knock them down, and make a woooooooooooo sound. Now you even help stacking blocks. A couple times, you've stacked one block ontop of another and made it stay.

Saying Stop It

Tonight, Devon played with you in your bedroom for a few minutes while I got you laundry from the dryer. When I came back, he said that he was tickling you .... and you said "stop it" and "stop that". Actually, Devon says it was a little more like "saaaaaaa yaaaat", but he's sure you were telling him to stop tickling you.

Riding In Laundry Basket

I took a pair of your jammer-jams out of the laundry basket to get you ready for bed. You had another idea. You crawled over and climbed into the basket of clothes. I let you play for a while, then took you out. You climbed back in again. So I pushed you around the bedroom. I made car sounds like "brooooom brooooom" while I pushed you around. You held on, looked around and smiled. Every time I stopped, you would make sounds that were kinda like the "brooooom brooooom" sounds to tell me that you wanted to go again. You sure had fun.

Thats all for now. I love you baby cute girl!

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