Thursday, December 17, 2009

Liking The Bath Again

Hi Sweet Emma Doodle!

Liking The Bath Again

You used to love the bath. You'd sit down and slip and splash around everywhere. You'd excitedly play with all your rubber bath toys.... grabbing them and throwing them and chewing on them. Lately, you haven't been liking the bath so much. You've been scared and have been crying. You would immediately stand up and grab onto us when we sit you down in the tub .... and its been almost impossible to bend your legs to sit you down.

You had a fun time in the tub last night. We think the problem was that you hated the detachable shower head. We were using it to wash your hair. The first time we used it, you seemed to like getting sprayed by it. We would play around and spray your back and belly too.... you seemed to like it for a little while. But then you began to hate it. Your baths didn't involve playing and fun anymore. You would screech and cry and flail trying to get out of the tub when we'd try to spray the shampoo out of your hair.

Last night, you didn't want to sit down... so mommy washed you while you stood up and held on to me. Every now and then you'd quietly look up at the shower head with a somber-scared look on your face. We'd say, don't worry, we won't spray you with it. By the end of the bath, you were sitting down, splashing and playing with your toys again. Yaaaaaaay!

Giving Kisses To Daddy

Last night, we were playing in your bedroom. I was laying on the floor and you were playing beside me. You crawled over and stood up next to me, leaning against me. You were playing with and chewing on your croc shoe. I said "I love you". You immediately turned toward me and slowly moved in for a kiss. I gave you a kiss and you turned back to playing with your shoe. I said I love you again, and you turned quickly and planted a quick kiss on my lips. I said it again, and you kissed me again. Awwww, such a nice baby.

I love you little baby!

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