Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas At Grammies

Hi Emma Doodle!

We went to visit Grammie on Christmas day after we finished opening gifts at home. Christa, Layton, Noah, Ben and Jenna were there too. You got to open more gifts. As usual, you liked the paper most of all.

You and Jenna got along pretty well. Jenna is pretty fascinated by you. She tries to talk to you and touch you. She even gave you some hugs and kisses.

We had some left over Christmas dinner. You sat in my old high chair and had some too. My old high chair isn't as safe as the high chairs today. The table part is hard and there are no straps to buckle you in. You kept standing up and trying to get out.

You and Jenna both got twin baby dolls for Christmas. Jenna had hers open at Grammie's house. You were playing with her dolls before they left. When they were leaving, Jenna took her dolls back. That made you really upset. You screamed and cried like crazy. I don't think I've ever seen you so mad. Even Ben tried to give you a goodbye hug, but you were inconsolable. You cheered up right after Jenna left. You were smiling and cooing, etc. You went on to have fun climbing in and out of the lazy boy chair. Here you are looking cute and taking a rest.

Before we left, Grammie showed you one of her table-top Christmas ornaments. Its a winter scene and little people skate around on a mirror when you wind it up. You were quite fascinated watching it. Grammie said that Ben used to love playing with it when he was younger. You were pretty cute.

It was such a fun Christmas. You got lots of fun presents, but most important of all, everyone was together as a family. I can't believe that I forgot to mention how pretty you looked in your cute dress.
I love you pretty little baby!

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