Monday, December 21, 2009

Cranky Bear & Pretending To Bite Daddy

Hi Little Bear!

Cranky Bear

You sure have been a little bear lately, especially in the car. I guess most of the time, you don't like being in the car strapped into your seat. You're OK in the morning on the way to the babysitter, but in the evening lately, you often growl and scream most of the way home. Silly little bear :) Such a temper. I took a few photos of you being cranky in the car on Friday evening. Here's a cute one showing your little temper.

Pretending To Bite Daddy

Last night while we were eating supper, I was putting some food on your high chair table. When we're cutting up food from our plates, and passing it to you, its hard to keep up with you. You munch on it with two hands, one hand after the other. You did a couple cute things. I was resting my hand on the side of your table. You were eating contently. All of a sudden, you grabbed my hand with both of yours, leaned forward, looked up at me and made a cute growl/scream noise. It was funny. I don't think you were screaming for food because there was food on your tray table. I guess you were just excited about eating.

You started doing something else cute. While holding onto my hand, you leaned forward and gently bit my hand. You made ahhhhhhhh and ummmmm sounds when you did it. You kept doing it over and over... just gently squeezing my hand with your teeth. It was pretty funny. It was the first time you did that. Every time you bit me, I'd lean over, make an ummmmm sound, and bite your hand. I think you learned that from us. Mommy and I bite you all the time. As we're leaning in to your hand or foot or arm, we say ummmmmmmmm, and then bite you and say "chomp". It makes you laugh and smile. Sometimes when I bite your foot, you smile, and then lift your foot towards me afterwards, trying to get me to do it again.

I love you, even when you're a cranky bear!

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