Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An update from Mommy...:)

Hi Crazy Monkey:)

You sure are so funny these days!  You are almost always happy and smiley, just like Daddy told you, but sometimes you show your fiery little temper, too!  Usually, you are just being deliberately demanding and aren't even really mad or just scream until someone gives you what you want!  It can be kinda funny and cute:)  But, it sure can be loud, too! 

For example, we always give you a toy to play with in the car...  Sometimes, you purposely throw them on the ground...then scream really loudly for someone to pass them back to you.  If we pass them back, you throw them on the floor again...and scream again...  We sing songs to you in the car to distract usually works:)

Walking with Your Car

On Sunday, you and I played inside for most of the day, while Daddy and Cameron brought wood into the garage.  I decided to stand you up behind your car and you started walking the whole length of the living room with it.  You were so super fast I couldn't even keep up with you!  I called Daddy into the house to see you and he grabbed his camera and started taking pictures and video.  I'm sure it won't be long now before you're running around everywhere!!  (Heaven help us!!)

Piggy Tails

A couple of weeks ago, you and I were playing in your room...  I thought it would be fun to try putting piggy tails in your hair:)  You didn't really think it was fun at all...  As a matter of fact, you thought it was I probably won't try it again any time soon!  You looked pretty darn cute, though!!

No, no, no!

Another cute thing you are doing these days is shaking your head back and forth as if to say, "no, no, no"...  You always have a silly smile on your face and you love when we laugh at you and shake our heads, too.  We always say, "no, no, no" when you do it.  I bet, before long, you will be saying the words, too.  Although, that's probably one word we can wait a while for you to learn!


The other night you were crawling around in the hallway wearing your pretty jammer jams.  Daddy decided to take some pictures of you and Brenna wanted in on the action, too.  Here is a picture of you with your big sister:

Well, I guess that's it for my update.  I know I don't post on your blog as much as Daddy....but he always has so much more energy that Mommy at night:)  He is usally typing away on your blog while I am sleeping on the couch!!  But, poor Daddy is never full of energy in the mornings!  Lately you have been waking up in the early morning around the same time that Mommy gets up for work...  Daddy gives you your bottle while I am showering and getting ready.  The last week or so you have been pretty determined to make Daddy take you out of bed instead of snuggling and snoozing until he is ready to get up.  Poor Daddy!

Even though I don't get a chance to write on your blog very often, Daddy and I always talk about the things we want to tell you about and then he does all the posting while I snooze.

That's all for now, Doodle Doo Bopper!  I love you big giant bunches and whacks!!


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