Friday, December 18, 2009

Spinning You Around On Floor In New Snowsuit

Hi Cute Little Baby!

Spinning You Around In Your Snow Suit

Mommy and I searched around last weekend for a nice one-piece snow suit for you. We finally got you a cute blue one at Sears. Its a little big, but it will keep you very warm, and should fit you for a while. You look so cute in it... especially with the hood up. You don't really like hoods, so we took it off... you were being cranky about the hood.

This morning, we layed you on the kitchen floor to put you into your suit. Before I picked you up, I spun you around on the floor ... slowly and gently of course :) You had a great big smile, so I kept doing it one turn at a time. When I stopped, you put your knees in the air and moved your legs back and forth, trying to get me to do it again. I did it a few more times.

Snuggling With Dora Blanket

The other night when we were playing in your bedroom, I was getting your bed ready. I threw your soft Dora blanket on the floor. You immediately dropped face first on the blanket and started sucking your thumb. Its cute when you do that :) You were tired and ready for bed.

I love you sweet baby Emma!

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